New Album

The Blaxound is set to release their second full length album “Trans-mission” on June 2014. The Barcelona-based project has recorded a collection of soul-funk tracks that set a before and after in their development as a band. The record is released via the renowned USA label Hammondbeat Records. As stated in their web page, “Hammondbeat Records produces some of the coolest moderne recordings on the planet featuring the finest organ players, backed by the tightest bands and the hottest vocalists”.

Trans-mission’s more mature and refined sound is also the result of the time and place where it was recorded. The album was recorded and produced by Marta at The Blaxound Recording Studio, in Barcelona. The Studio was built by Marta Roman seven years ago using vintage analog equipment. Many musicians and friends have recorded and jammed at the studio during the past years, in relaxed and laid-back recording sessions.

Recorded over a period of nearly three years, Trans-mission is an 11-track solid testimony of the inspired recording sessions that the collaborating musicians performed at the studio. The band players in the recording sessions are personal friends and professional musicians with a solid experience in African-American music, ranging from jazz, to soul, funk and reggae. Some of the musicians who have contributed with their playing in the album include members of Phat Fred, The Slingshots, and La Sucursal S.A, among others.

The new set of songs in the album represent the range of sounds in the likes of Marta. Influences go from the Memphis sound, to the Meters´ deep-funk, to the classic vocal soul singers. The album includes a cover of “Poor millionaire” from Tommy Hunt, and the lyrics in “unlovable” are taken from The Smiths.