The Blaxound

The Blaxound

The Blaxound is a Barcelona-based project with deep connections to the underground Soul and Funk scene of the city. The project started in 2003, time when Marta Roman began composing and recording music with the help of some musician friends in her home studio. As the project started to establish and the need for a versatile musical place became more serious Marta built and set up The Blaxound Recording Studio in 2006. The Blaxound songs emerge from the musical ideas of Marta which are ultimately arranged by the band members and collaborators in the studio. Mostly based on analog and vintage hardware, the studio offered the opportunity to improve the way of working in the music without the space and time restrictions of a home studio. All the songs published by The Blaxound during the years have been recorded, engineered and produced by Marta at The Blaxound Recording Studio.

The band members are a bunch of friends and professional musicians with a solid musical background. Some of the musicians who have taken part in The Blaxound during the years include members of Los Fulanos (Vampisoul Records, lovemonk), Phat Fred (Hammondbeat Records), Fundación Tony Manero(Pias Spain), and The Slingshots (Lovemonk) among others.

In 2007, the first full length album for the project was set to be released. The album was edited on CD and LP format in early 2008, followed by a number of presentation live dates in different cities of Spain. A new 7″ single followed the release of the first album two years later. The single, edited exclusively in vinyl format, features Fundación Tony Manero keyboardist Paco Manzanares on organ.

Recorded over a period of 3 years, The Blaxound will release their second full length album “Trans-mission” early in 2014 in the renowned USA label Hammondbeat Records. The new album encompasses a wider musical perspective in The Blaxound, with a more concise and mature sound.